Which Book Kickstarted Your Love of Reading?

Which Book Kickstarted Your Love of Reading?

I was not always the voracious reader that I am now. In fact I hated reading. 

*gasp* I KNOW!

Yet I always knew that I wanted to be a writer. Figure that one out. 

I read a few books here and there (shout out to Wicked), however it wasn’t until after college that I fell in love with books. I remember it vividly and recall it often. 

It was 11 years ago, almost to the day. My now husband had recently bought me a kobo (I believe this is Canada’s kindle). I purchased a few books to get me started. There was one about Star Trek, one about serial killers and one that had been on sale. 

That book, the one that was on sale, would change my life forever and set me down a path of life long literary addiction. 

The book in question was none other than…..


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. 


Now I am curious to know your reaction in this very moment. Please share with me in the comments or on social media just how on the edge of your seat you were and then whether or not you were excited or extremely disappointed by that answer. 

Back to the story. I was/am a huge geek, especially for anything music, film and pop cultural related to the 80s and 90s. It is an obsession. So if you have read this book, you can understand why I loved it so much. The amount of references splattered throughout the book made me blow a big ol’ metaphorical nostalgic load. 

I am not going to recite the whole summary of the book. Google it, read it or watch the movie. 

Sidebar: As much as I love Spielberg, the movie is a trash pile compared to the book. I think it is because if they had to license everything that was mentioned in the book, it would have been the most expensive film in history. So I can forgive them. It was still a good movie, just not book good. 

Anyway, it is a futuristic portrayal of the world, society and their addiction to technology. It’s basically the shit show we live in now, but in VR and with lots of references to John Hughes films and Rush. 

After devouring it on my kobo, I found the audiobook. Now this version is extra special because it is read by Wil Wheaton. Seriously, I don’t think you could have picked a better narrator. It made an amazing book even better! 

Soon after finishing that book , I am not going to lie, I went a little nuts. Other than the essentials necessary for my survival like rent, food and beer, all of my money went to books. The next thing I picked up was The Hunger Games, which I took down in less than a week. 

From there I went down a pretty deep rabbit hole of YA. Perhaps it was to make up for all of the years I missed out on reading while I was younger. And I feel like around that time YA was having a really good moment. 

So that is the story of how I became such an obsessive reader and basically how I ended up here earning a living from my love of literature. 

Now that I have worked myself up, I think I need to reread Ready Player One. 

I am also curious to know how everyone else fell in love with books. Was it early on with Beverly Cleary or Robert Munsch? Or like my husband, did you do I deep dive on Stephen King when you were an angsty teen? Let me know in the comments or come find me on social media. 


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