The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy Book Review

The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy Book Review

There is a huge heaping pile of plot tropes out there when you think of romantic fiction:
-Friends to Lovers
-Enemies to Lovers
-Forbidden Love
-New In Town
-Running Away From Something
-Love at First Sight
-Standing in the same cafe somewhere in New York City
-OMG the dude I had sex with in a club last night is my new boss!

You get the point.

The Deal by Elle Kennedy however is the epitome of the tried and true Fake Romance.
Let me just say, that it was cliche in the best way.

This is an oversimplification that does not do the book justice but to summarize:
Geeky Loner Girl has crush on Super Hot Jock.
Different Super Hot Jock needs Geeky Loner Girl to help him improve his grades so he can continue to be a jock.
Geeky Loner Girl refuses.
Different Super Hot Jock sweetens “the deal” by offering to play Geeky Loner Girl’s Boyfriend to make Super Hot Jock #1 jealous.
Charming banter and some satisfying spice ensues.

The thing that I really enjoyed about this book was the additional layers Elle Kennedy gave to the characters. They weren’t the cookie cutter same ol’ boy and girl we have met a million times before. Though I will admit that the main conflict in this book was pretty tame. The massive climax that should make you weep is more of a missionary quickie in bed while the kids are at school. Still good but nothing that gets the adrenaline pumping. 

It was a light and fluffy and delightfully spicy little book.

4/5 stars overall
3.5/5 stars for spice


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