I'm releasing my book....right here!

I'm releasing my book....right here!

Starting next Friday, I will be releasing my book right here! Yes, you read that right. 

I will be releasing my book, chapter by chapter, on all of my socials as well as right here on my blog. If you follow me on Instagram, you will likely have to follow along on my blog because Insta limits post length. So I will tease you there, and you can come directly to me for the good stuff. 😉

I wanted to share the blurb and the book cover to get you excited. It's a contemporary romance with a moderate amount of spice, and it takes place in an old library. ❤️ Are you turned on yet? Because I am freaking pumped!

So save the date! Next Friday, April 15th and every Friday after that until the book is done. If you have trouble remembering dates, you should sign up for my newsletter, and I will send each chapter directly to your inbox.

Without further ado, I can't wait to share with you...

Between the Stacks

After finding immense success as a True Crime author, Fiona is now burnt out and desperate for a change. When she pitches her idea for a romance novel, her editor decides to give her a chance. There is only one problem, Fiona is not a romantic.
Motivated by practicality, Fiona always found her escape in the pages of romance novels, which worked for her until she needed to write one herself. But when she stumbles upon an old library in the middle of nowhere, she finds her inspiration and her new office.

When James' grandmother falls ill and can no longer look after her old library, James must leave Paris and move home to take care of the old building that he was positive hadn't seen any visitors in years. Bitter about the life he left behind, he maintains the library until he can sell it and hop on the first plane back to France. That is until she walks through the door, and he senses a change in plans.

Caught off-guard when her book is fueled by more than just the magic of the library, Fiona may have to choose between what is practical and keeps her safe or what terrifies her and could potentially turn her life upside down.

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