Find Your Superfans. A Book Review of Pat Flynn's Superfans

Find Your Superfans. A Book Review of Pat Flynn's Superfans

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast, youtube channel, instagram page or other social media endeavour, but have no audience…..but also have no idea how to grow an audience? Ever wondered what it takes to turn a casual audience member into an engaged fan who goes out singing your praises from the rooftops? Or maybe you’re already doing something creative like a podcast or blog and are just looking for some tips to up your social media game and grow your existing audience?

Well, do I ever have a book recommendation for you!!!

Superfans by Pat Flynn, is a spectacular jumping off point for your first foray into the world of content creation, or even a great guide for established creators already well on their way to youtube fame and fortune. Regardless of if you are a video channel, blog, or podcast, the constant element that remains the same across all these mediums is the need for an audience and the need to engage with said audience as well as the goal to grow your audience. This book has plenty of useful ideas for anyone! 

But where do you go? What do you do beyond just worrying about the number of subscribers you have? How do you make a casual audience member into something MORE? If the title of the book isn’t already a big clue… this book is probably going to be a bigger help than you think along your journey and I can’t recommend it enough! It really puts an emphasis on genuine, honest engagement and how to (as well as some ideas on how NOT to) engage with an audience to make them feel like a part of the experience, because at the end of the day, people love an experience and to feel like a part of a community.

From developing a casual audience, to having active audience members engaged in your content, on up to fans and finally “SUPERFans”, this book is a step by step guide, filled to the brim with great stories and anecdotes and ideas to help you along your way. It even includes a free online companion course with unique challenges and bonus content as well as things like the “100 Email Challenge” as well as all the great information just contained within the pages of the book itself.

Pat Flynn is a personable and entertaining guide into the world of content creation and creating audiences and his not so secret love of Back to the Future will have you wanting to build a Delorean of your very own (metaphorically speaking, of course) and gun that sucker to 88 MPH. This book is super enthusiastic, even bordering on cheesy at points, but as you make your way through it, you feel like you’re getting to know the author more and more and appreciate all the more, every bit of wisdom and good advice this book has for you. 

So basically, if you are someone who is trying to build an audience of any kind for pretty much any reason, then get off your butt and go pick up this book! Or I guess if you are working from home or something then you can always just order it online somewhere and someone will eventually deliver it to you at some point in time, but that’s a bit less fun now isn’t it? But the point is that I highly recommend this book as it is insightful, helpful and an entertaining, quick and relatively easy read that will have you laughing as well as learning the whole way through.


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